Vending Machine Win

We missed our train from Paris to Basel by 4 minutes today from bus traffic so we got special snacks from the vending machine while we waited for the next train. Nick chose his favorite Grapefruit Soda, and I splurged for the Mars Bar…Mars bars are nothing special in Germany or England but they are awesome in France. It was a close call with the Mars bars, and we were prepared to shake the machine if necessary, but it fell with a slight nudge and to our delight we heard the clanking of change as well. AWESOME free candy! Then we thought…well would it do that again? We figured out if it doesn’t drop, it automatically spits out your money so with just the right timing you can get both! The second time it stuck but gave us change so we inserted the money hoping for a double drop…but the third one got stuck and we got in trouble for trying to shake the machine.

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