Asian’s heart Louis Vuitton

If you’ve done any traveling you might notice there are always a lot of Asians traveling and even more Asians shopping. In our experience Louis Vuitton is the prize but Gucci, Channel, and Dior are plenty busy. Today we might have found out why. We heard Ginza in Tokyo is comparable to Champs-Élysées in Paris so as we were strolling down the streets a rose gold ring caught my eye in the Gucci window. We popped in and as we were trying on rings we learned this was a bridal collection exclusively for Japan. Then we were talking to an associate at Louis Vuitton (well Nick was talking and I was smiling and nodding a lot) about how busy all of their shops are all over the world and that Asians really love them. And he said they do love LV but there are collectors that travel to find exclusive pieces only available in certain countries. High end fashion is fascinating. I didn’t really believe it but I cannot find that Gucci ring anywhere on the internet. Japan keeps getting cooler.

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2 thoughts on “Asian’s heart Louis Vuitton

  1. Wow! Your life really IS better than mine. I truly have daydreamed my entire life about going to Europe. You are so lucky. I wish I was you.

    P.S. The Blairs sound annoying. Just saying.

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